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Indian Destination Wedding Photography Hard Rock Riviers Maya, Mexico

Neeraj + Mona

Neeraj and Mona met on a dating platform and while Neeraj fell in love on the first date, Mona wasn’t quite so sure! Of course, she soon fell for him as well. It didn’t take too long before Neeraj proposed in Doha.

Mona and Neeraj are both kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and elegant leaders; the type of people that you want in the world. They take care of their loved ones, and do everything in their power to assure that everyone is enjoying themselves. So, when it came to planning their wedding, of course, they took everything into consideration. They wanted everyone to have a good time. They wanted it to be consistent with their beliefs an include the traditions they hold close to their hearts. With specific ideas already in their imaginations, they knew they could use some assistance in the preparations and the planning process. They teamed up with Shaadi Destination Indian Wedding Agency for their expertise in South Asian Destination Weddings, and were also recommended to Cancun photographers Cossu Photography, as we have a lot of experience documenting Hindu weddings and love stories.

Hard Rock Riviera Maya was the host of the event and provided the locations they needed for all of their events. It is a beautiful hotel with many places that are perfect for wedding photography, and Mona and Neeraj were ready and willing to accompany the photographers on multiple occasions to take advantage of that.

From the Turmeric at the Pithi to the colored paint during the Holi, there were so many fun and exciting moments to capture as well. The gorgeous ceremony with all the details that represent the Hindu tradition to the intricate wardrobe changes throughout the three days. It was breathtaking to be a part of.