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Breathless Wedding Photography Cancun, Mexico

Amber + Daniel

Amber and Daniel first met in November 2011 while working in the Emergency Room at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. At the time, Daniel was working as a Medication Reconciliation Specialist with the Pharmacy. Amber was working as a Patient Registrar. The two met in passing in the hallway. Amber first noticed the strikingly handsome Daniel in his green scrubs and blue high top tennis shoes. Amber struck up a conversation with Daniel, and from then on, they were connected in a way they would understand in the near future.

Following the initial meeting, Daniel would often frequent the area that Amber worked in during each shift. Eventually, he started inviting her to his office for surprise apple pie dates and picture introductions of close friends and family on social media.

The night of January 1, 2012, Amber was working her "graveyard shift" and Daniel was driving swiftly through a snow storm after an eventful New Year's celebration in Grand Rapids. Daniel reached out to Amber, inviting her over after work to hang out. Considering the fact that Amber was not going to get out of work until midnight, Amber questioned if it would send the wrong message; however, considering her New Year's was spent in the Emergency Room, she figured, 'what did she have to lose?'

Upon arrival at his parents' home, Daniel made the first meal of many that they would share together: a chicken sandwich on Ciabatta bread. Somehow, he charmed her into watching 'American Psycho' into the wee hours of the morning. Of course Amber was hooked. Not only was he good looking, but he was also charming and a chef. Amber considered that a “win-win”. Their first date was something they would always remember as it ended with a twist of Daniel’s mother walking downstairs to turn off the incredibly loud TV at 4:00 AM. Little did Daniel’s mother know, the woman asleep on the couch would be her future daughter-in-law.

Their destination wedding in Cancun was an unforgettable celebration and Amber and Daniel invited the Cancun wedding photographers into their family from the moment they arrived at the venue. Their destination wedding pictures are will forever be held in our hearts, as they will provide Amber and Daniel the memories they will have for their lifetime.