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Playa Paraíso Destination Wedding Photography in Cancun

Tiffany + Jazmin

Tiffany is from California and Jazmin is from Texas. They met three years ago in the military, when they were stationed in Texas. To both of their surprise, they were immediately drawn to each other from the start. From day one, they had a way of chipping away at each other’s emotional walls that each of them had built up over the years.

A little over a month of getting to know one another, they officially became girlfriends, and became inseparable. Both found excitement in the same things. Most of their dates were trying out new restaurants because they are both foodies, and also enjoy being anywhere on the water.

Jazmin got orders to Florida only two months after they were dating, but they didn’t let that tear them apart. Most couples don’t survive a distance relationship, but they were able to maintain three years over distance. They both say that their relationship only grew stronger from the challenges. Tiffany proposed in Destin on the beach, a few days before their 2 year anniversary.

They had picked a spot on the beach that was secluded and had a picnic together. They decided to go for a walk on the wet sand, and on the way back, Tiffany popped the question! Beach picnics are something they love to do, so the proposal was a very exciting surprise!

Since they both love the beach, a destination wedding was the perfect way to unify their lives. They chose a location between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, called Playa el Secreto. It is an intimate place with a private beach. There, they stood before each other and shared their vows. The wedding was coordinated by Alba Weddings Design. Their destination wedding pictures speak for themselves! It was a magnificent day!

To commemorate their love for picnics, their wedding day dinner replicated a picnic delicious Mexican food at sunset.

Coming from a Cancun wedding photographer, we can oblige that every moment was incredible!! We think that Tiffany and Jazmin are the perfect match and we wish you a long and beautiful life together!!